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Dark Opium Wax Melt Snap Bar XL

Dark Opium Wax Melt Snap Bar XL

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Scent Description

An addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla. Part of our Inspired By range, this amazing fragrance is similar to a popular ladies perfume.

Why choose Nuscents?

  • Full 10% fragrance load & highly scented
  • Loved by tens of thousands across the UK
  • High performance wax for a clean burn
  • Huge 100g weight - 2x the average wax melt
  • 40% cheaper than average melt on weight
  • Suitable for tealight & electric wax warmers

We have 220+ other Wax Melt Snap Bars scents in stock. If you're looking for a smaller size, you may like our Classic 50g Wax Melts. Or sample our Wax Melts by purchasing our 25g Wax Melt Samples.

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Extended Info

Shipping & Delivery


Standard Tracked 48 delivery just £2.95.

Dispatch lead times are typically same day before 2pm Mon-Fri. For up to date dispatch times, please see our web banner.

Whilst we ensure all orders are beautifully packaged and don't scrimp on packaging materials, we do not recommend purchasing our XL Snap Bars as gifts.

Comparative Fragrance Disclaimer

Please note that the products mentioned throughout our site are a guide as to fragrance notes and should in no circumstance be confused for the brand. Names and Copyrights used are the property of their respective manufacturers and/or designers.

These are merely inspired by, and are not identical to any other fragrance. Nuscents Ltd is not to be confused with originals and we have no design rights or affiliation with the manufacturers of designer brands. All Trademarks used are the property of their respective owners.

We are in no way endorsed by, directly affiliated with, authorised or sponsored by any Trademark holder referenced herein.

The use of product names is for identification and reference purposes only, and does not imply any association with the trademark holder.

Our Wax Melts

We've been producing our Wax & Home Fragrance products since 2018. We use a highly refined paraffin wax manufactured in the United Kingdom. There is a lot of misinformation about different wax types, so if you have any concerns about paraffin, we've linked to the largest independent ever peer-reviewed study from the European Candle Manufacturers Association and the National Candle Association;

For the unscented candles it can be determined that the fuels palm, paraffin, soy and stearin behave very similarly in terms of emissions (see Table 4, Table 5). No individual wax was shown to have a consistently better emission profile than the others."

Source: Measurements and evaluation of gaseous and particle emissions from burning scented candles - Science Direct

All of our wax melts and product ranges are handmade in Derbyshire. Each scent is tested thoroughly in a range of electric and tealight wax warmers. To maintain the highest possible quality, we test in different room and temperature settings.

So how do you use a Nuscents Wax Melt?

Simply snap off desired amount of your wax melt and add to the top of your Wax Warmer. If using a Tealight Warmer, place an unscented tealight in the bottom tray and enjoy. Because our wax melts are highly fragranced, you can continue to melt them until you can no longer smell the scent.

Due to our wax being firmer than some waxes, we recommend a tealight wax warmer or higher wattage wax melter. Our wax has been selected for its performance qualities and the higher melting point aids a slower release of fragrance, ensuring longer melting times.

Please only use a Wax Melt Warmer and not an oil burner. Oil burners release scent in any wax melt too fast, causing a quick scent release and are potentially dangerous. Never leave a Wax Melter in operation unattended and never operate a tealight burner for more than four hours at a time. Check equipment for hairline cracks before use.

We take every precaution to ensure our products arrive in one piece and our team of staff aren't encouraged to scrimp on packaging.

However from time to time you may find a break or two in our XL Wax Melt Snap Bars, due to their intrinsic, delicate design.

We hold no responsibility or liability for this as they are designed to be broken and melted.

If purchasing as gifts, we strongly recommend purchasing our 50g Wax Melts.

Nuscents Perfumes

All our perfumes have been scientifically tested and approved for use within the UK. We use the highest quality fragrance at varying EDP formulas. We make no claim as to the strength or longevity of a product, which can vary between user and local conditions. The ingredients contained within our perfumes are Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly. 

Owing to our manufacturing processes and the intrinsic and stringent legislation we adhere to, the quality of each product batch is identical to the last. Batch codes can be found on product packaging.

From time to time, an item may arrive undamaged with slight residue, but with no loss of volume. As standard, we fill our products between 5% and 10% greater than the volume sold.

Room & Linen Perfume Disclaimer

This product is sold as being 100ml in volume. Whilst the bottle is leakproof, with cap tightened and pump set to 'close', you may encounter slight residue from transit.

Slight residual issues will not reduce the product volume to below 100ml. Whilst our product labels are waterproof, there may be slight damage caused on these with residue, owing to the high strength of fragrance within our products. This can be dabbed off with kitchen roll.

We can send out a free label change, but cannot offer full/partial refunds on residual issues specific to our Room Sprays due to the arrived product volume being greater than 100ml.

For safe use;

Spray onto items from least 15 inches/40cm away

Always perform a patch test

Keep away from children and pets

Do not spray onto open flames or other heat sources

Always read the label