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About Us

Today, we're a fully fledged UK Company with several excellent members of staff and many returning wholesale and public customers - but our journey began from our kitchen worktop in 2018 with a chance conversation between ourselves.

Nuscents premises

That conversation went along the lines of the lack of quality found in supermarket wax melts - "how hard could it be?"

We've established our business on the following values; Service, Quality & Price. These three philosophies are near impossible to be 110% at all at the same time, but they in basic terms, we like to get orders out quickly, resolve issues reasonably, offer our products at a price not too dissimilar to supermarkets whilst having an improved quality and selection over them.

wax melt making

In the early days, we spent an awful lot of time developing our products, making necessary tweaks and not trying to run before we could jump. This involved full time hours on top of full time jobs.

As time progressed and our products became popular with a long and established list of customers, we took steps to move into our first premises in early 2021 - within three months, we'd outgrown that space and took on a much larger premises which we now occupy. Within that three month period, we'd both quit our jobs and gone full time within our Company.

wax melts

Within weeks of going full-time, we realised a need for staff to enable we reach those key goals - keep up with stock, wholesale orders and respectable dispatch lead times for a small business. We have dedicated teams in production and dispatch. Hiring our first member of staff was daunting - but several months on and with a close-knit excellent team, it has become a rewarding experience and they truly are first class people.

Whilst what has been extreme growth from the kitchen worktop to several hundred orders a week in a short period, the relationship and communication with customers that we had in the early days is something we're keen to keep a hold of for as long as possible; whether a customer spends £10 with us just once or spends £80-£100 with us every month, those conversations and relationships feel important to us.