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New To Wax Melts? Here's How To Use Them

Over time, we've been asked this question constantly - and don't worry, it isn't a silly question! Once upon a time, homes were fragranced by candles or that ghastly air freshener - so we get it; wax melts are a brand new concept to a lot of people.

"So what is a wax melt and how do I use it?"

In their most basic of forms, wax melts are basically wax, fragranced with a scent - they come in different forms, such as Wax Melt Shot Pots which can be broken in half or Snap Bars, where you break a piece off at a time.

They are everything you get with a candle - just without the wick or the jar. 

The simplicity of a wax melt means you get benefits, including price, often a greater scent throw than traditional candles, and the ease to change between scents. 

To use a Wax Melt, you need a Wax Warmer - these are either electric or lit with a tealight (often ceramic/glass). Depending on which of these options you use, the idea is that you heat the dish at the top - either by means of a bulb in an electric warmer, or a tealight in a more traditional warmer). The heat from the Warmer gently melts the wax, releasing the fragrance. 

Nuscents Wax Melt Shot Pots

You can then sit back and enjoy the fragrance - we recommend for a maximum of four hours - and can re-melt the wax until you cannot smell the fragrance.

To give an indication as to the cost benefit of Wax Melts over Candles, a Nuscents Wax Melt Snap Bar will release a stronger fragrance for around 80 hours.

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I bought some of these snap bars as my daughter recommended them to me,she bought through a Facebook post.I received mine this morning and I’m thrilled they been burning all morning lovely scents my home smells delicious!I just bought some more and they are half price at the moment so I’m stocking up love love love ❤️ Michelle xx

Michelle hill

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