Daily Deals Info & T&Cs

July Daily Deals Promotion Combined Postage

Want to pay one postage throughout the month at the end?
Use postcode 'NG10 2DL' at checkout, select 'Collect' and we will keep hold of your items, you can then add to them daily and we will keep hold of those too. There's no need to contact us to let us know, we will bundle your purchases together.
Due to additional admin caused on these offers and the fantastic prices, all Daily Deal items we hold onto are excluded from our free postage offer unless also purchasing non-Daily Deal items exceeding the threshold.
Contact us at hello@nuscents.co.uk once you want to close your box. This is so that we know you definitely intend to close it, as many of you order multiple times through the month.

July Daily Deals T&Cs (Subject To Change)

1. All Daily Deal items set on an open box for collect are excluded from our £40 free postage offer unless purchasing non-Daily Deal items totalling £40 through the month. This is due to additional admin and to provide the best available price on these items, considering transaction fees on low value purchases and other factors.
2. If a Daily Deal is limited to X number per customer, please only purchase that quantity. This is for fairness. Additional numbers will be refunded.
3. The 'Collect' feature, using the NG10 2DL postcode is available to all customers through the month of July. By using this feature, you understand that we are merely holding onto your items until you're ready to have them shipped. When ready to have your items posted, please contact us at hello@nuscents.co.uk and we will arrange final postage payment and shipping. Daily Deals run until July 31st.
4. On August 1st, we will contact all customers who haven't finalised postage with a link to postage where necessary (if not ordering £40 of non-Daily Deal qualifying items). We will automatically ship orders containing threshold meeting items on August 1st.
Any further questions, please email to hello@nuscents.co.uk