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What Makes Our Reed Diffusers The Best?

Ultimately, the difference between a bog standard Reed Diffuser and the very best Reed Diffusers comes down to the quality and percentage of products used. 

When beginning testing Reed Diffusers back in 2018, we tried numerous base liquids and reed types. I recall at one point having sixteen variations of the same fragrance on the go - different liquids, different reeds, different ratios. Daily scoring each became a little tedious at times, but it was perfection or no launch! 

Today, we have a huge range of Reed Diffusers which can be found here

But back then, we dealt with just eight scents. 

After what was probably months of testing, we worked out that the best base liquid was the most expensive on the market - and the best reeds were, again, the most expensive on the market. 

It put us in a difficult position, in wanting to launch these into our product range. We wanted the best, but wanted it south of £20 - which seemed reasonable. We decided to bulk buy our diffuser base liquid in a volume which outweighed our business at the time, but we haven't looked back. 

Whilst our Reed Diffusers aren't half as highly selling as our Candles, Wax Melts or Room Sprays, they don't fail to disappoint with our customers. 

It takes four weeks of testing to launch a single Reed Diffuser to our range, which is why not all scents have (yet) been added to our website. 

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