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What Does 2021 Smell Like? - Home Fragrance Trends 2021

If one thing is a given, it is that 2020 has been a year like no other. In terms of home fragrance trends, we tracked sales across all scent categories throughout the year and found one or two trends striking. 

The year started out quite normally, Spring scents were the "in" thing - demand was high for anything fruity. In late March, that changed rapidly - with Covid Lockdown upon us, Fresh/Laundry/Floral scents very steeply grew in prominence. The likes of Velvet Oud became mainstays in our Top 10 scents for a long while anything and everything which was a dupe of a laundry scent increasingly grew in desirability. 

As the year dragged on, scents with Vanilla notes (vanilla is always popular, we know) grew increasingly desirable - Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla was the most popular of the lot, whilst the likes of Wild Madagascar Vanilla, Blueberry & Vanilla and even the more festive Vanilla Anise were late Summer/early Autumn finds. 

Vacating 2020 - and Christmas Scents aside - November and December have seen demand for more luxurious scents. Perhaps as more and more people stay at home/work from home/spend more time at home (delete where appropriate), they want to spend their time in finer surroundings with finer scents. 

The likes of Dark Honey & Tobacco, Parisienne Spring and Pear & Freesia - often scents which sit understated; along with the always popular Pomegranate Noir and Velvet Rosewood, have seen considerable spikes in performance over the last couple of months. The thing which links these scents above and beyond anything else is their "poshness" in terms of scent. 

It is perhaps therefore conceivable to consider the link heading into the New Year with elegant, maybe "less fun" scents and the increasing time spent at home. 

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