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The Best Wax Melts In The UK

To begin, as much as we love our own products, we aren't claiming to have the best wax melts in the UK. There are some fantastic wax melt brands out there which we often use ourselves. This is more a guide to what goes into making the some of the best wax melts in the UK.

Hidden behind the face of any really good wax melt brand is a lot of research. For us, this involved intensive research ahead of our launch in 2019 and then a continued development to formulate our extensive range of wax melts you see today.

Never Happy

In truth, we're part of a community of producers of wax melts on varying scales and are forever seeking out true perfection. There's a saying that true perfection has to be imperfect, but you don't want to admit to this. The desire for the longest scent throw, most unusual and complex scent concoctions and the largest range possible becomes, for some, an addiction. 

"Best" is subjective

Do you like strong wax melt scents? Not everybody does. Do you love complex floral notes? Again, not everybody does. Do you like intricate little designs and explosions of colour? Again...

The crux of the statement balls down to the almost aggressive passion of the wax melt producer. From business to business, many, many wax melt businesses simply strive to be the best they can. Selecting the highest quality fragrance, choosing their wax from a multitude of options, sticking at a percentage of fragrance to wax which provides the optimum hot and cold throw. 

And in an age of "chucking something together", that delicate, consistent and thoughtful care which goes into making some of the best wax melts should be applauded.

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