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How To Store Wax Melts

"How Do I Store My Wax Melts?"

This is a question we're asked more often than we ever thought we'd be. We're conscious that there's a right or wrong way to store your wax melts for optimal performance - and we take these precautions ourselves when storing our own stock. 

Generally speaking, a wax melt has a shelf life of around two years, but this can be greater or lower than this depending on how you store them. Be sure to store your wax in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and in its original packaging. This stops the product from sweating and the fragrance releasing itself from the wax. 

We stock thousands of wax products at any given time including our hugely popular Wax Melt Shot Pots and constantly moderate the temperatures and conditions they're stored and preserved in. 

We've heard of people putting wax in the fridge or freezer as a way to preserve it and we disagree with these methods.Wax is ideally stored in cool conditions - not chilled or frozen. 

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