"Help, I Can't Smell My Wax Melts!"

"Help, I Can't Smell My Wax Melts!"

From time to time, we receive emails about not being able to smell a wax melt - in rare cases (less than 1 in 1000), people say they cannot smell them at all. 

So what are we doing wrong?

The answer is nothing. We produce thousands of wax melts to the same formula, using the same oils and same wax every single day. Nothing ever changes. There aren't "bad batches" of oil as many of our fragrances are directly from UK based manufacturers. It is the same process, repeated several times a day, six days a week - and regular, random batch tests are taken. 

We're not saying there's no room for mistakes at all, but we produce in such volumes that we're often able to test from within the same batch, despite selling several thousand a week. At times, a manufacturer will make tweaks to a scent blend - and we usually spot this within weeks and try to remedy it. This however, is quite rare. 

Because of the scale at which we're able to buy and produce, our wax melts are amongst the very best value on the market - and around 40% cheaper than the average competitor. We don't go for taglines such as "highly fragranced", though our fragrance blends are the highest possible percentage you can get - and our business isn't run to high margins. We actually position ourselves as one of the largest best value wax melt businesses in the UK. 

So what is the case with weak scents? 

Some scents are, by design, stronger than others - others will perform better in smaller areas. We do purchase in the highest quality fragrances, but this doesn't always mean "strong" - more often than not, it has many more scent notes and therefore delivers a better scent. 

"I bought twelve bars and they're all weakly scented"

As we've said above, there's a small margin in what we do for human error. Though, as stated on our product pages, our products do perform best with tealight burners with a minimum 12cm between tealight and dish. We believe it is incredibly unlikely that anybody would ever receive several wax melts and none of them smell correctly - it is something we have spent a lot of time researching so that we can understand those customers better.

Our products perform well in most electric burners, though super-low wattage bulbs don't suit most wax types. 

Our products burn off really quickly - as will almost all other wax melt brands - if you're using a tiny oil burner. We never recommend these. 

It is the case that the hotter the wax gets, the quicker any fragrance burns off. Against most other wax blends, ours actually burns off slower, owing to the higher melt point of our wax. 

We receive literally thousands of customer orders each month, we take on board all feedback received, though we do have an incredibly high customer retention rate. If you find our wax doesn't work well for you, we'd be inclined to thank you for trying our products and maybe trying a brand who use a soft soy blend - we say this in good confidence, based on several years of research and customer feedback. 

"So why don't you use such a blend?"

Not everybody has the same experience, and as said above, we have a high customer retention rate, so what we do is working for us. A soft soy blend is different enough to the wax we use, though has its own drawbacks - including a fast scent release. Our customer base enjoy our products owing to the strength they witness, though not all local conditions and burner types will give the same experience - and we'd be kidding you if we told you otherwise. 

We're strong believers in not being able to "win them all", else we'd set out to achieve that. If several of your scents aren't working for you, then we thank you for trying us and hopefully this acts as much an explanation and direction towards the wax types which are likely to suit you/your wax burner better. 

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