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Dupe Wax Melts - We All Love Familiarity

Whilst around half of our wax melt scents are different or totally unique to Nuscents, the desire for customers to have a little bit of familiarity is unwaning. Some of our biggest selling scents are similar to incredibly popular perfume/laundry/bath bomb products. They'll never be identical - and we disguise the names of them. But we do them because of your love for that familiarity. 

At the time of typing, we have around 40 perfume scents alone, plus around ten laundry scents and a large range of others, which are a close likeness to the real thing.

Some of our personal favourites are a likeness to something else, but there's an intrigue in trying something entirely new. 

To view Dupe Wax Melts, along with many totally original scents, click here.

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