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Can I Reuse Wax Melts? Your Question Answered

We get asked this question surprisingly often - and to save you from reading on, the answer is 'yes'. 

If you want the long answer, read on...

Wax melts are merely a mixture of fragrance oils and wax. There are tens of factors as to why some last longer and some throw off more of a scent than others, but a small section of one of our wax bars is likely to be able to be relit - even after a 3-4 hour period, and here's why. 

As the wax heats and melts, it releases the fragrance oil which when warm will produce what is known as a "hot throw". The fragrance oil in time burns off the scent. We use strong, neat fragrance oils in our wax melts to what is known as a "high fragrance load" - the percentage composition of fragrance oil to wax, as well as mixing our fragrance oil and wax at set temperatures. 

It is this mixture of quality, percentages and temperature control - along with using a high quality wax, which enables our products to burn as long as they do. 

... And it is perfectly safe and normal to reuse and reheat the wax. And for as long as you get the scent, you can enjoy your favourites again and again. 

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