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Behind The Shopfront - The Story Behind Our Best-Selling Wax Melts

Late 2018 - That's when we decided we'd venture into the world of wax and home fragrance, though our hugely popular highly fragranced wax melt range was to arrive around nine months later. Here's the story behind our highly scented wax melt range. 

"It's just wax and fragrance", we thought. Though we tested and tested and tested numerous waxes, numerous temperatures, numerous fragrance loads and numerous fragrances. 

After endless months, we decided upon the wax and expanded our scent range from eight in existing products to around 30 in wax melts. 

Nuscents Best-Selling Wax Melts

What started out as being something we were strict upon - eight scents, "let's limit the number", grew and grew. A mere thirty scents was to become 50, 80. It took 18 months to grow to 100, and currently we have in excess of that. 

"It's just wax and fragrance". Wrong. 

We test every single batch of products we make - I wouldn't want to disclose the percentage which doesn't make the grade, but it's true that not everything does, with differing factors being the cause. 

Each scent is unique, and we treat it as such. The colours and other visuals such as glitters are never the same from scent to scent. For us, it's about adding that personality to the scent, and we'd like to think we do it well. 

Often when launching a new scent, we get samples from up to seven or eight suppliers and test the oils for scent and quality. Sometimes this can mean we pay double the price of the oil compared to the very cheapest options, but for us it is all about that scent experience. 

The entire process, from pouring a wax melt to listing it on our website is around a week to ten days, although our wax cures sooner. In this ten days, the wax will be left to cure, before being tested and packaged. 

We test our products in both traditional tealight burners and electric burners. We find that tealight burners perform much better due to the increased heat, though our wax does perform well in electric burners, though there are many. A tealight burner should have a 12cm gap in height from flame to dish - we do not recommend using oil burners or products with a shorter gap than the above. 

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