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2020 Candle Wax & Home Fragrance Scent Trends

A new year and new decade brings with it desires for fresh scents. 2019 very much ended in the same way it began in terms of what scents people are fragrancing their homes with. Sandalwood performed strongly, whilst unusual fruity blends, such as our exotic Coconut & Mango, and scents containing vanilla notes have been hugely popular.

But as the year and decade came to a close, more masculine scents gained prominence, such as our Cuban Tobacco & Oak and new Tuscan Leather.

So what for 2020?

We foresee a stronger desire for masculine scents along with traditional high performers, with a continued increase in the rise of scents with sandalwood notes. In addition to this, a desire for familiar clean scents will possibly come to the fore. 

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